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Written by Mike   
Monday, 21 February 2011 12:41


Some people ask me why I became a writer. In my opinion, that’s like asking Hank Williams Jr. why he drinks? It’s an easy question to answer – because I enjoy it.

It’s not that writing is easy or even pleasurable at times. The fear of the blank page affects me just like it strikes fear in the hearts of every freshman student out there who gets a writing assignment. But the difference is that I don’t give up. Lord knows I find ways to procrastinate. That’s what I’m doing right now, as I write this I have another window open on my PC with half a scene written.


But there are other times, when the moon and the stars align that the words just flow in my mind faster that my fingers can find the keyboard. Sometimes it’s when I’m writing. Other times I’m just sitting alone in a café or restaurant, and a story flows.

It’s kind of like what some of my more athletic friends might call ‘runners high’. Being in ‘The Zone’. When things just click and you know you are on to something. It doesn’t have to be when you are writing. The other day, I was sitting her trying to sketch out the story for my next book, a sequel to Homo Luminous. I was thinking about a character, the details I won’t go into here, but this character is important to the story. I was trying to understand him. (That’s the way I write, understand the character and let them drive the story, put them in situations and see how they react.)

So, I’m thinking about this character, and I realize that I know him. But from where? Then it hits me – I hand introduced this character in the first book, I just didn’t know it. From that realization, things started to flow. Then the story fills in, backwards and forwards. I then understand why the character feels the way he does. I understand why he would do this or that. Just from that realization.

When things like this happen, I tend to get excited. The cats look at me funny as I run around the house, grinning and chuckling to myself.

It’s moments like that, that make me a writer. It doesn’t matter if I ever see the words in print (although that has a satisfaction all its own). But it’s for moments like that; when the story comes together that a writer lives for. And keeps coming back to face the blank screen time and again.

Okay, back to that scene.


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