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Homo Luminous : Cut Materials from Chapter 1
Written by Mike   
Saturday, 08 January 2011 10:06
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For your reading pleasure, here is a section of back story that I removed from Chapter 1.

"Why cut it," you ask? Well, the first draft of Homo Luminous was running about 130K words, for one thing. Another was that this was WAY too much back story to start the novel.  I wanted to drop you, faithful reader, into the action more quickly. So, as Steven King puts it, "You have to kill your darling."

This section met the ax earlier in the revision process. I was, and still am unable to kill it completely, so it rises again here, as an example of what not to start a novel with.


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Homo Luminous - Now avalible at Smashwords for multiple eReaders
Written by Mike   
Saturday, 01 January 2011 20:35
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My breakout novel, Homo Luminous is now available on Smashwords here. Smashwords.com offers works in multiple formats for any reader, including the iPad, Sony and Kindle, as well as on-line reading directly at the site.



Homo Luminous – Now Available on the Kindle
Written by Mike   
Monday, 27 December 2010 18:18
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The Amazon Kindle version of Homo Luminous is now available for purchase here. Other electronic formats will be coming soon, as well as a printed version, which I expect some time in January.

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Homo Luminous - Sample from Chapter 1
Written by Mike   
Wednesday, 01 December 2010 23:27
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By 9:30 David was in the basement computer room of Heart’s of Song Publishers, making the last repairs to the damage inflicted by the night crew. At least they meant well, he hoped. Someday they would get it, or else he’d have to find someone who did.

Rack after rack of servers hummed in their quiet work, a giant forest of electronic trees reaching for the sky, and the air as cold as ice to keep them happy. David moved between the rows, pulling on the coat he kept down here for just such occasions.

Finding the troubled system, he pulled out a hidden drawer containing the system’s monitor and keyboard. He typed a few commands at the terminal, and the system promptly chirped in compliance to his commands. Having successfully corrected the last of the overnight emails, he closed up the hidden drawer and left the quiet beasts to their labor.

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Short Story - The Final Battle
Written by Mike   
Sunday, 28 November 2010 11:17
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The Final Battle

Blood felt sticky between his fingers. So much spilt, it tinged the air with the smell of copper.

“Commander,” asked James, his Lieutenant. “What should we do with the wounded?”

The Commander did not raise his head from the maps stretched out in front of him. “Our orders are clear, leave none alive.”

James snapped a salute and stepped from the tent. The commander raised his head, happy finally to be alone. He was glad that James had not stayed to ask more questions. He had no further answers, only the duty to follow through on orders passed down from above. He’ll take no joy from those orders, the Commander thought. He was relieved it was James that came to seek clarification. There were others in the unit that would have taken these words as a license for cruelty.

Such men had their uses, but at times like these, it was those with cooler tempers that would prevail.

The Commander turned back to his map. By nightfall they would have the objective. It was only a matter of time until the last resistance fighters fell. Command would be pleased with their progress.


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